Shropshire Council awarded £2.4m to help people with disabilities live independently

Shropshire Council has been awarded over £2.4m to help people with disabilities live independently in their own homes.

The funding forms part of the £25m Government fund announced today (Tuesday 20 December 2016) by Health Minister David Mowat.

The Shropshire project which being supported by My Safe Home, an organisation who support people with disabilities who want to buy their own home, has been backed by STAR Housing and other registered social landlords across Shropshire.

The funding will enable us to provide adapted housing for people with disabilities which will allow them to live independently.

Shropshire was one of 52 councils who were successful in their bid and has received the highest amount – £2,415,000 – out of all bidders from the £25m pot.

Only 15% of adults with learning disabilities in England have a secure long-term tenancy or their own home.

The £25m funding from the Department of Health aims to address this by supporting projects including shared ownership schemes, adapting existing properties with new technology and even building new technologically adapted homes. There is a growing demand from individuals for this kind of opportunity – hence the recent Department of Health round of funding.

Shropshire’s project will help assist at least 30 adults with learning disabilities to purchase properties through the Government’s ‘Home Ownership for Clients with Long Term Disabilities’ (HOLD) scheme. This is shared ownership scheme that enables individuals with enduring physical and/or learning disabilities – this includes those with challenging behaviour, sensory impairment and complex needs – to buy a home of their own.

Homes will be innovatively designed using assistive technology, allowing individuals to remain independent at home.

The aim of Shropshire’s project is to assist people with long term disabilities to:

    • Achieve better independent living outcomes
    • Achieve improved sustainability of accommodation
    • Access accommodation of their own, with the intention of that property being a long term sustainable option
    • Remain independent for as long as possible via access to Telecare and assistive technology that is resilient to future funding challenges.

The project also aims to ensure families and / or carers have peace of mind regarding long- term sustainable accommodation options for their family members.

Sue Adams, Managing Director of Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing, said:

“This funding is fantastic news for Shropshire, people with disabilities and social housing landlords such as ourselves.

“We have previously worked with Transhouse to provide new and affordable homes that were adapted to enable people with disabilities to live as independently as possible. This funding will enable us to further our commitment and hard work in providing every opportunity to people with disabilities to live independent lives.”

Mal Price, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for housing and planning, said:

“I am absolutely thrilled that we have been awarded this funding from the Department of Health. This is brilliant news in particular for those individuals with disabilities who wish to buy their own property.

“Shropshire Council is committed to working in partnership with individuals, agencies and organisations to improve the quality of life of people with learning disabilities. This funding has now given us a fantastic opportunity to assist people with disabilities to buy a property that meets their needs in an area they want, giving them independence, and helping them feel more included in their local community.”

Lee Chapman, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adults, added:

“Being able to remain in your own home has a significant impact on your health, well-being and feeling of independence, and in Shropshire we are very much committed to helping people with disabilities, live as comfortably and independently as possible.

“Most importantly we want to enable their aspirations to flourish, whether those aspirations are to cook their own meals, find employment or have a home of their own.

“I am therefore absolutely delighted we have received this funding from the Department of Health which will help deliver the greater independence that people with disabilities want.”

Whilst many of the housing needs will be met for those entering their new home, the council will work with individuals and their families and carers to ensure they continue to get the right care package that meets their needs. New occupants will also receive support to help manage their property through Shropshire’s Sustain Service who will also help individuals with the knowledge and skills for home ownership. This will enable social work teams and care providers to focus on the care needs of the individual rather than the day- to-day running of a property.

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For more information about Shropshire’s project email quoting ‘HOLD’ in your subject title.

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