Right to Buy

You may have the right to buy your home from Shropshire Council at a discount, under the Right to Buy scheme. Your right to buy your Shropshire Council owned home is not affected by the fact that these homes are managed by Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing.


Am I eligible?

You may be eligible to buy your council home if you are a secure tenant and your house or flat is your only, or principle home, is self contained and you have been a council, housing association or armed forces tenant for a total of at least 3 years.

Follow this link to the Government's Right To Buy website to check if you are eligible. 


Purchase price and discount

The property is valued at its open market value, less the value of any improvements you have undertaken.
How much discount you get depends on:

  • The number of years you have been a tenant
  • Whether the property is a house or flat
  • Where you live

The maximum discount outside London is £102,400. These discounts will apply to applications which are served on the landlord by the tenant on or after 6 April 2024. Follow this link to find out more.


How to apply

Click on this link to download a RTB1 form.

You will also need to complete our Anti Money Laundering form.  Both of these forms will require 1 form of ID for each applicant - e.g. passport, photo driving licence, birth certificate or Home Office documentation..   

You can email your completed forms to us using the email address plannedmaintenance@starhousing.org.uk

or send via post to;
Planned Maintenance, 
Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing Ltd,
Mount McKinley,
Anchorage Avenue,
Shrewsbury Business Park,

What happens next? 

 Once you have submitted the RTB1 application form, we will carry out the relevant checks and confirm whether you do have the RTB.

We will then arrange for a valuation to be carried out at the property.   

You have the right to withdraw at any point and this will not affect your right to buy in the future.

Key note: If you successfully purchase your Council property and have had Crystal home contents insurance you will need to cancel this and take out your own home insurance as Crystals insurance is tenant insurance only and will be void when you own your home.