Whenever possible we will offer you a repair appointment or inspection at the time you report the repair to us.

We can offer you a morning or an afternoon appointment.

Morning appointments run between 8am and 12pm

Afternoon appointments run between 12pm and 4.30pm 

Please let us know if you require any special access requirements, such as avoiding the school run or allowing you extra time to answer the door.

(Some appointments may run over, depending on any emergencies that may occur.) 

Please note that in the event of an emergency we can not offer an apointment time, customers will be expected to wait until the next available operative is available. 

What happens if I miss my repairs appointment?


We will leave you a card asking you to contact us to rearrange the appointment.

If more than one appointment is missed and you do not get in touch with us, we will assume the repair is no longer required and we will cancel the job. 


Do I have to be there for the repair to be carried out?


If the repair is inside your home we require an adult to be present during the repair works. For an external repairs such as guttering or gates, you would not be expected to wait in, as long as we can get access to complete the works. 

When will my repair be done?

When you call us to report a repair you will be advised what priorty that repair job falls within and wherever possible you will be offered an appointment for us to carry out this repair before the timescale ends.

We have 4 categories 

Category Example Timescale  
Emergency repair

Heating breakdown

Loss of power or serve leak

Broken or unsecure lock

Attend and make safe within 24 hours

This may result in a further visit to complete the repair

Urgent repairs

Blocked sink or bath

Leaking pipework (containable)

Running overflow

Within 7 working days  
Routine repair

Removal of damaged fencing

Patch plastering

Loose flooring

Within 28 caledar days (weather permitting)  
Planned repair

Guttering repairs


Roofing repairs

Within 6 months