We welcome tenants making home improvements, to make your house a home, but you must get our written permission first. We will only say no if there is a good reason, such as if the work affects your neighbours or is a health and safety risk.

Please note that if you are rent arrears or within your Introductory tenancy stage, permission will not be granted. 

You must not carry out any alterations or improvments without our permission. 

Some examples of work that permission is required for includes:

Changing a light fitting Fitting a water meter Fitting a satelite dish
Fitting laminate flooring Replacing a kitchen  Replacing a bathroom
Installing fencing Fitting a cat flap  Install a shed
Install CCTV Fit a log burner Laying a patio or slabs
Replacing a sink Replacing a bath Fitting a shower
Fitting decking Fitting an outside light Installing a driveway or hardstanding

As part of the process of us giving you permission you will also be sent a copy of the asbestos survey for your home, this is so that both you and any people working in your home can see where any asbestos materials may be.  

Property Alteration Request Form
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