Apply for a Home

To apply for one of the homes we manage in the Oswestry or Bridgnorth area you must first register with Shropshire HomePoint.

We advertise all the homes we manage on HomePoint.

Shropshire HomePoint manage the Shropshire housing register or waiting list. Once you are registered with Shropshire HomePoint you can 'bid' on suitable homes in the area you are looking for. This is known as a choice based letting system.

Follow this link to Shropshire HomePoint website 

To rent with us, you first need to registered with Shropshire HomePoint and have an active account. 

Once you are all set up you can apply for one affordable or social rented home each week. If we advertise a home you like on a Wednesday you have until the following Tuesday to place a bid. Please be aware that our homes are not allocated on a first come, first served basis.

I've placed a bid on one of the properties you manage, what happens next? 

We shortlist all the applicants who have applied. If you are successful or not will all depend on whether you are eligible to apply for the property, your banding and your registration date.

If you have been successful, we will contact you to offer you the opportunity to view the property. 

I placed a bid on one of your properties and have not heard anything.

If you have not heard from us after about two weeks after the end of the property cycle, it probably means you have not been successful.

I'm being considered for a property with you. What happens next?

If you like the property, you've supplied all the documentation needed and you pass the verification and reference checks, you may be offered the property.

We will then invite you in to undertake a pre tenancy interview. If you meet all the requirements you will be invited to come along and sign up for the property.

During your sign up we will go through the terms of your tenancy and you will sign your tenancy agreement. We will also take a rent payment from you (we require 4 weeks rent in advance) and give you the keys to the property.  

I'm interested in other types of property. How many times can I apply? 

For other types of property adverts such as Mutual Exchanges or Shared Ownership you can apply for as many as you like and they will be advertised until someone is successful.

To find out more about how HomePoint works please follow this link. 

Unfortunately, due to the number of bids we receive, we are unable to contact those who have been unsuccessful. Please check your HomePoint application for the status of your bid.

If we are considering your application, we will call you direct and email you with a deadline for you to contact us.


Please note we may contact you from a work mobile as we are still working remotely.