Will STAR Housing extend the rent free / non-chargeable weeks?

No. Rent will continue to be charged weekly on a Monday. The next 2 weeks commencing the 23rd and 30th March are non-chargeable weeks, where rent is not charged, but if you are in arrears or have a court order you will need to continue to pay during this time.

What can I claim if my hours are cut or only receiving Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)?

If you have your hours reduced at work due to the current circumstances and or have to go off work due to ill health and only receive SSP, we ask you call your local rents team straight away.

You can claim Universal Credit. This will help towards rent payments which is your number one bill / debt and ensure you have money to live off. You can apply for an Advance Payment from the DWP when you claim Universal Credit, which means you do not have to wait 5 weeks before being paid, however this does have to be paid back direct from your monthly entitlement. You can obtain further information and guidance on how to apply for these at   https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-to-employers-and-businesses-about-covid-19

What happens if I can’t pay my rent and I fall into arrears?

If you feel at any point you cannot pay your rent as normal call your local rents team straight away. You will be given benefit advice, payment plans can be made and support can be given.

I normally pay my rent via my rent card but I can’t get out?

Ring your local rents team and alternative payment methods can be discussed, such as paying by Direct Debit, Standing Order or paying over the phone.

I am already in debt and if I lose my job this will only make it worse.

If you are struggling financially with debts and changes in hours / wages please call your local rents team. We can make referrals to our Financial Inclusion team who can give debt and money advice.

We offer a variety of ways you can pay your rent to suit you.

1. Direct Debit

This is the prefered method for you to pay your rent. It is a free, easy, safe and guaranteed way to make sure that your rent is paid on time.  

We offer paperless direct debit payments for any day of the month, simply call us direct to set this up.

2. Standing Order

To set up a Standing Order, please contact us. We will discuss the payment amount and frequency and give you the Standing Order mandate to take to your bank. You will need to re arrange this every year.

3. Online payment

You can pay directly and securely 24 hours a day.

House or Garage Rent
Follow this link to Pay your rent online (takes you to the Shropshire Council website)

Have your rent account number handy (and enter this when asked for your reference).

Pay via allpay 

Follow this link to pay your rent via your allpay account.

Service Charge
Follow this link to Pay your Service Charge online (takes you to the Shropshire Council website) 

Have your account and invoice number handy (and enter the account number when asked for your reference).

4. Online banking

Pay us directly from your bank account. 

Account Name: SC Housing Rent
Bank:   National Westminster Bank Plc, Mardol Head, Shrewsbury
Account Number: 55660495 Sort Code:  55-50-05

5. By phone with a Debit or Credit Card (24 hours a day)

Just ring 0345 678 9009 (charged as a local rate call) when a payment is due. Please make sure you have your account number and debit or credit card ready when calling (a charge will be applied for payments made by credit card).
Alternatively, during office hours call our rents team direct.

A charge will be applied for payments made by credit card.

6. Post Office / Paypoint

You can pay using a swipe card (provided by us) at any Post Office in the UK (cheque or cash) or any Paypoint outlet in the UK (cash only).

To apply for a swipe card (or to replace a lost swipe card) contact the rents team.

Have your rent account number handy