If the current home you live in is not suitable for your needs in terms of location, size or style you may have the right to a Mutual Exchange. This would mean you can swap your home with someone else who has the right to mutually exchange from a local authority or registered social housing provider.

Can anyone Mutual Exchange?

No, not everyone has the right to mutually exchange their home for example if you are on an introductory tenancy you do not have the right to mutually exchange.
Please check with your local Lettings Team if you have the right to mutual exchange.

How do I advertise my home for Mutual Exchange?

You can apply to register a Mutual Exchange application on Shropshire HomePoint. You can also advertise your home for Mutual Exchange on Shropshire HomePoint and place a bid (apply) for properties advertised for a mutual exchange. A bid is a way of expressing your interest in discussing an exchange.

The tenant of the property you are interested in will be able to view your contact information.
For more information follow this link to read Shropshire HomePoint’s mutual exchange register guide.  There is also a Mutual Exchange Shropshire Facebook group - Click here and ask to join.

Home Swap Direct

As part of the Shropshire HomePoint Mutual Exchange Application you are given the opportunity to join Home Swap Direct. If you would like to swap properties with someone outside of Shropshire, this option is for you. Choose the area you would like to move to and your details will be advertised nationally via the Home Swap Direct facility. Once your application is confirmed by your landlord you can begin bidding on property adverts.

What do I do when I have found someone to exchange my home with? 

You need to complete our online Mutual Exchange Application form (see the box below), we will then assess your eligibility and let you know in writing/email.

Please note all exchange applicants will need to complete the Mutual Exchange Application Form for both/all landlords.