Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a tenant include;

1) Allowing us access to your home

 Whilst you have the right to live in your home without interference from us, there are specific times that you will be required to give us or our appointed contractors access. These will include pre-arranged visits for the following reasons:

  • to carry out routine safety checks, such as heating service, periodic electric check and asbestos survey.
  • to carry out routine tenancy visits such as new tenancy visits and routine tenancy audits.
  • if there is a health and safety risk to you, the property or neighbours.

2) Paying your rent and service charges

 You are required to pay your rent and service charges in advance as per your tenancy agreement.

3) Not causing nuisance or anti-social behaviour

We require everyone to have due consideration for all of their neighbours, and will actively defend people’s rights to live in their home free from nuisance and harassment. We will try to resolve nuisance problems without taking legal action.

4) Keeping your home clean and tidy

You are responsible for:

  • Internal decoration.
  • Carrying out some repairs 
  • Keeping your garden which includes lawns, hedges, flowerbeds and trees tidy.
  • Reporting essential repairs.
  • Keeping communal areas, stairwells and walkways clear at all times.

5) Other responsibilities