**We are currently not accepting any new applications. However, please stay tuned as we will make an announcement once the application process is reopened.**

Guidance Notes on Applying for Community Chest Funding

Example of eligible projects

These could include: Educational workshops, setting up a residents group, training, youth or group activities. Your project should fall under at least one of the following categories:

  • Safer - Helping to make your neighbourhood safer i.e. school walking groups
  • Healthy - Keeping members of our communities happy and healthy, whatever their age
  • Greener - Reducing the impact on the climate, nature and the wider environment and helping make the area more attractive - Planting of shrubs/plants
  • Cleaner - Helping to tidy up your local area - clean up days, litter picks or educational workshops
  • United - Projects that bring a community together, reducing loneliness and isolation i.e. setting up groups or group activities
  • Connected – Improving physical and digital connectivity


We will not fund

  • Activities promoting a particular religious or political belief
  • Any project that is the responsibility of a statutory body such as Shropshire Council, Parish or Town Councils
  • Any projects that do not have a strong and relevant connection to STAR Housing communities or its customers
  • Any profit making projects. Any projects that are already complete.


Notes to assist in completing the form

  1. Please give as much detail of what the project is about and the reasons for the project. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary. This will prevent any delay to a decision being made
  2. When submitting your application please provide as much evidence, such as photos, quotes or surveys to show us why this project is needed
  3. STAR Housing will fund up to a maximum of £750
  4. If your project costs more than £750, please be aware that we will not be able to release your Community Chest grant until you have all other funding confirmed

Terms & Conditions 

Please note that if you are successful with your application, you will be required to:

  • Provide receipts for all purchases or work
  • Email us a photograph of the project or we can arrange for a photographer to visit
  • Invite a STAR Housing representative to any opening event or group activity
  • Acknowledge STAR Housing funding in any press release or promotion (to raise awareness of the community chest fund so we can support more communities and projects)
  • Install a plaque (provided by us) if applicable, for example on a bench
  • Incorporate our logo onto merchandise, for example sportswear
  • Include our logo on any leaflets or posters advertising events or activities

Funds must be spent within twelve months of release

We are currently not accepting any new applications. However, please stay tuned as we will make an announcement once the application process is reopened.

Lead Contact Details
About you or the Group
Please tick all that apply to your group
If you represent a group
Project Details
Details of how much you think the project will cost. (This must include funding requested / received from any other organisation)
The total project cost must equal the amount requested from STAR Housing plus other funding. We may ask for proof of this.
Ongoing costs