We have key responsibilities to ensure your home is safe by ensuring safety checks take place such as Gas and Electricity and your home is in a satisfactory condition.

As a tenant you also have responsibilities to ensure your home stays in a good condition and this means taking on some simple repair and maintenance within your home, full details can be found in your tenancy agreement and a summary can be found on the link below. 

We have produced or found some helpful videos that offer you guidance and advice;

Condensation or Damp?

A guide to identifying and treating condensation and advice on when to contact us if you suspect damp.

What not to Flush

Our video gives you advice on what you should not flush down the toilet. 

If you are found to cause a blockage you will be recharged for the call out and the works undertaken to remove the blockage. 

What not to flush


There are a selection of how to videos available on Youtube we have highlighted a few below that may be helpful; 

Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms 

Why is my alarm bleeping

Why is my alarm beeping?


How to test your alarms

How do I test my alarms?


How to defrost a condensate pipe.

During particularly cold snaps, your gas boiler may stop working, following this video which demonstrates how you can solve the problem by unfrezeezing your condensate pipe. 


Please note, Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing Ltd  is not responsible for 3rd party content and these videos are offered as examples and do not imply endorsement.