Our Board

Our Board of Directors play an important role for STAR Housing.  The Board has ultimate responsibility for the whole organisation, including:

  • monitoring priorities and performance
  • setting annual budgets
  • watching over risk and internal controls
  • helping STAR achieve its visions and values

The Board is made up of three Shropshire Council Members, three tenant members, three independent members and one staff member. 

The Board follow a Constitution and a Code of Conduct 

The Board Terms of Reference can be found here .

The Board Declarations of Interest can be found here:

Board Tony Deakin small image v2

Tony Deakin

Chair of the Board - Independent Board Member

Tony joined the Board as an Independent Board member in 2020 and was elected Chair of the Board in 2021.  He has an expertise in housing with over twenty-five years of work in senior positions in finance and accounting in the social housing sector.  As well as Chair of the STAR Housing Board, Tony has non-executive positions with Monmouthshire Housing Association and Livv Housing Group.  He was also appointed as a co-optee to the Trivallis Board in April 2022.

James Wood Independent

James Wood

Independent Board Member

James joined the Board as an Independent Board member in 2020 and was elected as Chair of the Development Sub-committee in 2020.  Over the last twenty years he has owned and operated a number of businesses in the development and construction sectors.

Steve Robinson v2

Steve Robinson

Independent Board Member

Steve joined the Board an Independent Board member in 2020 and was appointed Chair of the Remuneration Panel in 2020.  He has over forty-one years of experience working in Local Authority housing services including at Chief Executive level.  Steve is also a Commissioner for the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. 

Board Julia Buckley small image

Julia Buckley

Shropshire Council Representative

Julia is a Shropshire Council representative and Labour Councillor for Bridgnorth West and Tasley and joined the STAR Board in 2021.  Julia is also the Leader of the Labour group on Shropshire Council and is Chair of the STAR Housing Customer Sub-committee. 

Yordan Tolov

Yordan Tolev

Tenant Board Member

Yordan is a Tenant Board member for STAR Housing and joined the Board in 2022.  Yordan is originally from Bulgaria and lives and works in the Oswestry area. Yordan's background and unique perspective make him an invaluable asset to STAR Housing's Board. With his extensive knowledge and experience in tenant issues, he has been an integral part of ensuring that the voices of all tenants are heard and their needs are met.

Board Eleanor Rayers small image

Eleanor Rayers

Tenant Board Member

Eleanor is a Tenant Board member for STAR Housing. Eleanor lives in Hilton and as a long time tenant with valuable insight, joined STAR Housing's board in 2023 to help enhance the quality of services provided.

Board Emma Jones small image

Emma Jones

Staff Board Member

Emma is the STAR Housing Staff Board member and joined the Board in 2018.  She became Vice-Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Subcommittee in 2022.  Emma works as the Senior Customer Relationship Officer for STAR Housing.

Vince Hunt 12.10.23 small image

Vince Hunt

Shropshire Council Representative

Vince is a Shropshire Council representative, He is Chairman of the Council and a Conservative Councillor for Llanymynech and joined the STAR Board in 2023.  

Our Senior Management Team

Harpreet Rayet 1

Harpreet Rayet

Managing Director
SMT Ros Bridges small image

Ros Bridges

Corporate Director
SMT Tom Forty 2 small image

Tom Forty

Operations Director