New Development: Fairfield Close

STAR Housing are embarking on feasibility work of an existing Independent Living site, Fairfield Close in Gobowen to explore the possibility of redeveloping the site to provide approximately 30 new homes for modern, thermally efficient accommodation. The current independent living facility was built in 1964 and comprises of 24 bungalows of which some are of bedsit type homes and do not offer the energy efficiency or quality standards of homes that our ageing community deserves.

Consultation began with our tenants week commencing 28th March 2022 and will be working with residents and their families to discuss possible options to rehome them over the next 18 months.

One of the options available* to our residents of Fairfield Close is our new development site at Weston Rhyn, which is couple of miles north of Gobowen. This is an enhanced independent living site that comprises of a mixture of bungalows and a low-rise complex, a total of 24 units, as well as a new community room building. This has been designed to HAPPI (Housing our Ageing Population Panel for Innovation) standards, which is a recognised standard for a spectrum of older people’s housing need and enabling older people to age well in the place. The site will offer contemporary thermal insulation and low-carbon heating system of ground and air source pumps as alternatives to gas boilers. It is anticipated that the site will be completed in November 2023.

Georgina Lea, who is the current Housing Support Worker and has good working relationships with each and every resident, will be acting as Tenant Liaison and will be working closely with tenants, their family members and advocates to find the most suitable housing option for our residents of Fairfield Close. Our aim is to listen to our residents, offer as much choice and aim to meet their preferences.

*affordability checks will need to be carried out due to the number of bedrooms. 


Q: When will the new Weston Rhyn development be ready?

A: The target completion date for the Weston Rhyn Development is November 2023.

Q: I do not wish to move to Weston Rhyn, can I choose to move to a different location

A:That is absolutely fine, our team will support you to find a suitable property in a different location.

Q: Will I receive help with the removal cost?

A: Yes, you will be allocated a Disturbance Allowance which can be utilised to pay your removal costs etc. so you will not be out of pocket.

Q: I am not able to pack my belonging myself, will I get help to physically pack and move my things?

A: Yes, your Disturbance Allowance can also be utilised to cover these cost.

Q: Who will sort out all my change of address/ benefits/utility bills?

A: Your Housing Support Officer, George Lea will help with all of this.

Q: How much does it cost to redirect post?

A: You will be able to utilise your Disturbance Allowance to cover these cost. Full details of Royal Mail’s redirection service can be found here Redirection - Get Mail to Your New Address | Royal Mail Group Ltd

 You can learn more about our current housing developments here. 

Picture of George Lea, wearing a black top and smiling


Tenant liaison for the this project is George Lea, you can contact George via email: or telephone: 07582 003488