Garage Termination Form and Garage Policy

1. Rent and any other charges, will be charged weekly and are payable in advance.
Where a STAR Housing tenant has 3 or more garages, or the person letting the garage is not a STAR Housing tenant, VAT at the current rate is payable

2. Tenants must not:
a) Assign, sub-let or part with possession of the garage
b) Fit shelving, other fittings or alter the existing fittings without first obtaining the permission from STAR Housing.
c) Use the garage for the storage of any materials (other than a vehicle) without first obtaining permission from STAR Housing.
d) Use the garage in a way that would cause nuisance or annoyance to any neighbours.
e) Park vehicles in the accesses or forecourts to the garages.
f) Carry out any vehicle repairs other than normal maintenance, washing and cleaning.

3. The tenancy may be terminated by two weeks’ notice in writing by either side to be given by 12 noon on a Monday. At the end of the tenancy the tenant must remove all items from the garage and sweep clean, failing which a charge will be made for carrying out the work. All keys to the garage must be returned by 12 noon on a Monday otherwise additional rent will be charged at a weekly rate until the keys are returned.

4. The tenant is responsible for replacing missing keys and making good any damage other than by fair wear and tear, or recharges will apply

5. The tenant must allow Officers or Agents of STAR Housing to enter the garage to inspect the state of repair of the garage or to carry out repairs, after receiving at least 48 hours’ notice of the date and time.

6. Garages will not be let to anyone with a debt of any nature to Shropshire Council.

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