Your heating and electricity supply.

Your property is installed with Air Source Heat Pump central heating. You will see a unit similar to this positioned outside.

To enable you to use your central heating and your electrics you must carry out the following steps, when you get the keys to your new home;

  •  Take a current reading from your electricity meter (to find out where your meter is, please refer to our final void inspection form)
  • Contact  
  • British Gas call 0330 100 0303 if you have a prepayment meter (or 0333 202 9802 if you have a credit meter.) who is the current supplier to set up your account and provide a meter reading (let them know you have Air Source Heating).

 It is important that you are not on an economy 7 or economy 10 tariff with this type of heating

  • If you have a key card meter please arrange to credit this with at least £10.00. 
  • Contact repairs on 0333 32 12 200 and ask them to arrange a Air Source Turn on & Test with Dallium. They will talk you through how to set up your heating and hot water. 

Please note you can change supplier at any time and Green Energy Switch can provide free energy advice. They can be contacted on 01733 646253 or via email or you can visit their website

If you wish to change your key card meter for a standard meter, you can do this by contacting Scottish Southern Energy on 0845 744 4555


I consent to my details being passed to Green Energy Switch, so they can contact me to provide energy advice