Ending Your Tenancy

We are sorry to hear that you are thinking of leaving us or that your current home is no longer suitable for you

We would like the opportunity to discuss this with you as soon as possible, please call the Lettings Team direct.

How do I give notice to end my tenancy?

You will need to give four weeks’ notice, by completing the termination of tenancy form, please complete the online form here
Or call us to request a paper form. Terminations are taken from a Monday morning, if you are completing this form on any other day than a Monday your termination start date will be the following Monday.

If the tenant has passed away

If a tenant dies, we can accept notice from a person representing the deceased, ideally to be someone with Power of Attorney or next of kin. We will require a copy of the death certificate as well as a completed termination of tenancy form.

I'm moving into a residential home

If you have confirmation of permanent residency in a residential home, it is essential that you contact the lettings team and then complete a termination of tenancy form as soon as possible.

A family member of mine has gone into a residential home; can I terminate on their behalf?

We will require a completed termination form and this would need to be signed by the tenant. If this is not possible then we will require confirmation from Social Services that the tenant no longer has capacity.

What happens once I've given my notice?

Once a termination form is received, you will receive confirmation in writing of the date your tenancy ends, when keys are due to be returned, fit a key safe (if you do not already have one) and any rent payable until the end of your tenancy.
Where possible, the lettings team will arrange to carry out an exit inspection at the property. This is to gather details about the property and offer any advice needed in terms of clearing the property.
Any outstanding rent not covered by Housing Benefit, should be paid before the termination date. If you are claiming Housing Benefit, you must inform your Housing Benefits team that you are moving out. When you move out, your Housing Benefit will stop immediately.
During the notice period your property will be advertised so that we can allocate it to someone else.

Returning your keys

All keys should be placed in the key safe by 9.30am on the Monday following the termination of tenancy date. The tenancy doesn’t end until we have them. This means that the rent will continue to be charged until we do. If you don’t return all the keys, you will be charged by us to have all the locks in the property changed.

When you move out

The property and garden must be left clear of all rubbish, furniture and other contents. If items are left in the property, we will recharge you for their removal.