Grounds maintenance covers grass cutting of communal areas, hedgecutting along alleyways and communal gardens and tree works. 

We have recently brought the grounds maintenance service “in house” so we have our own team now carrying out this area of work

Grass cutting

We arrange for the grass in communal areas around flats and bungalows to be undertaken. This does not include taking away the grass cuttings (arisings) as this would have a huge impact on the cost and service charge to our customers.


We are responsible for maintaining the hedges in communal areas and alleyways that we manage. Tenants are responsible for their own hedges. 

We are unable to undertake hedge pruning work during the bird nesting season


A trained aborculturalist undertakes a survey of the trees on the land we manage every 5 years on a rolling programme. Following this we undertake any essential tree pruning works. 

We do not remove healthy trees even if they are blockling light  

Tenants are responsible for the trees in their garden of the home they rent. 

Assisted Garden Scheme

We offer our customers who are no longer able to maintain their garden, the assisted garden scheme, you can apply using our online form. 


Assisted Garden Form