We have recently received a few reports of ‘disrepair scams’ from tenants who have received calls from people claiming to be ourselves. These calls may be from unknown numbers or even local lines.

These companies operate by cold calling, leaflets and social media to encourage tenants to pursue claims against their landlord for disrepair. These companies will claim to be calling from ‘The Housing Maintenance Department’, ‘Repairs Team’ or even ‘working on behalf of the Council’.

When asked, they will refuse to provide a genuine company name and any call back number provided will be a false number.

Tenants’ personal details are then often sold to no win-no fee solicitors. This personal information is likely to be sold at profit to these third parties so we advise you to only share your data relating to you and your household if you are absolutely sure that you know who will be receiving it. It is worth thinking about who might benefit from having your personal details before disclosing anything to any callers. 

You can report a repair to us in a number of ways, but the best way to report a repair is to contact us directly via telephone on 0333 32 12 200. If you are calling outside of these hours for emergency repairs only, your call will be diverted to our out of hours provider.

Or follow this link for more information: https://www.starhousing.org.uk/repairs-to-your-home/report-a-repair-form/ 

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