You must keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement. This includes behaving reasonably and considering other people.

Everyone is entitled to enjoy their home quietly and peacefully. Don’t make too much noise, be a nuisance or disturb your neighbours.

Make sure that anyone living with you or visiting your home behaves in a reasonable way.

If you have a problem with your neighbours, talk to them. Often people do not realise they are disturbing others. Explain to them politely that they are causing a problem.

We consider a good neighbour to be someone who understands other people’s different lifestyles, takes care of their home and lets their neighbours quietly enjoy their own homes.

Remember, be considerate and only treat your neighbours as you would expect to be treated yourself!

Here are some ways that you can be a good neighbour so that everyone can enjoy the summer holidays:

  • Warn your neighbours if you are going to do something particularly noisy (for example, drilling, hammering or having a party).
  • Keep the noise from radios, stereos and TVs at a reasonable level, at all times of the day.
  • Be quiet when you return home late at night. Don’t slam doors, toot car horns or shout to your friends.
  • Put your household rubbish in the bins provided and make sure that the area around the bins is kept tidy.
  • Park your vehicle responsibly and do not block access for emergency services. Do not carry out car repairs in the parking bays or leave your car in a dangerous condition.
  • If you have a garden, make sure you keep it neat and tidy. This may mean just picking up litter or keeping the grass and hedges cut. An untidy garden is not only unattractive, but reflects badly on the area where you live.
  • Be a responsible pet owner. If you have a dog, make sure it does not bark or whine for long periods of time. Do not leave your dog alone if you are away from home for a long time. It is your responsibility to keep your pets under control in public areas and to clean up after them.
  • Make sure that you and your children think about how your children’s playing habits might affect your neighbours.