Asbestos Surveys & Removals

All of the homes we manage require an up to date asbestos survey.

This way we are able to;

  • Confirm the exact location of any asbestos.
  • Identify the type of asbestos present.

We then need to manage any asbestos that is found so we have a re-inspection program in place.

A re-inspection survey is carried out a maximum of every 5 years to look at all asbestos previously identified and updates the condition and photos of the asbestos so STAR can program in any remedial works or removals as needed.

In most cases this will be non-intrusive as samples should not need to be taken again. However, if anything is found which was not identified on the original survey a sample may need to be taken.

What happens if they find asbestos in my home?


In most instances, this is easily manageable so if asbestos is in good, sealed condition and unlikely to be damaged it does not pose a significant health risk, there is no legal obligation for us to remove it.

On occasion we may have to arrange removals or remedial works by a licensed contractor. You will be notified by letter and given an appointment date.

While removals are taking place you may be asked to vacate certain rooms, this information will be included in your appointment letter.


What happens if I want to do some work in my home?


Before carrying out work in your home, you must request our permisison by completing our Property Alteration Request Form.  We will provide you with a copy of the asbestos report and also offer advice and options to allow any works to be completed safely.