Mr George Evans

It is with great sadness and pride that we talk about the life of George Evans and the impact he has made on his community, friends, family and STAR Housing.

George was involved with STAR Housing by being a resident representative for his community, our very own ‘Mr Albrighton’. It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with George for 5 years. He was an anchor for his community, always willing to help and support anyone who needed it. Giving neighbours and residents the right information to empower themselves but also the confidence to resolve issues, sometimes with staff support when its needed. Residents always felt like they had good choices and could always succeed with the support of Georges wise words. 

He knew his community and they knew him, George has been a pinnacle of the community since the properties where first built and we have had the pleasure of hearing vivid stories of his life in Ashgrove as well as see photos of his family as they grow and create an unbreakable community spirit.  Georges son told us “Mum and Dad were very family orientated, hardworking, friendly and would help anyone who needed it. Everyone was welcome”. George was always happy to talk to residents and visitors to Ashgrove, which always made him last home and in charge of the dishes, a fond memory for Georges Son. 

George was an advocate for STAR Housing but knew how to address issues that needed sorting out or resolving, he was well known in all our service areas and wasn’t shy to introduce himself and compliment our teams when they had done a good job. He knew he could talk to anyone at STAR and we would all love to listen to Georges humour and stories, he could have anyone of us listening for hours. Georges son David shared with us that he was always willing to have a laugh and got himself into a bit of trouble, like the time he cut into a prize winning cake of his dear late wife Janet right before the competition!

George was a very house proud man, learning from the best - his lovely wife Janet. It was a devastating blow for the family and the community when Janet passed away but despite Georges grief he continued to be a strong and committed family man and always maintained a beautiful home and garden for his family. Haven been invited into Georges home while he cooking, I can confirm he learnt some great lessons from Janet and was a great cook!

It was a real pleasure to have worked with George and hear these lovely stories from him and his family. Those that worked with him while he took on the role of Area Panel member will miss his humour and contribution he made.

We would like to pass on our deepest condolences to all of George Evans family and friends which we know will be many. Georges Family also pass on their warmest thanks to all those that helped the family over the years and kept an eye on George in his last months. We hope that the memory of George Evans lives on fondly in all those that knew him.

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Georeg Evans 2 2019