It will soon be winter again and many of us will be turning on our central heating.  

Your primary form of heating (such as your gas boiler) is the cheapest and safest way of warming your home. 

We are aware that during last winter, some of our tenants were using portable heaters such as portable gas heaters to warm one room only 

Portable gas heaters omit carbon dioxide. You are responsible for servicing and maintaining your appliance to ensure the safety of you and any tenants living at the property. 

If you own a portable gas heater always follow the manufacturer’s advice and arrange to have your appliance serviced regularly. 


  • Always turn your heater off before going to bed or leaving your property. 
  • Ensure all the component parts of your unit are well maintained e.g. the heater, regulator hose, and hose connectors. 

  • Do not use aerosols or flammable cleaning liquids or sprays in close proximity to the heater. 

  • Avoid sitting or standing too close to your heater. 

  • Always ensure that the room in use is well ventilated; if it becomes stuffy open windows and doors to allow fresh air in immediately. 

  • Always follow manufacturer guidelines carefully. 

  • Ensure that the position of your heater is away from any flammable materials and is not blocking any escape routes. 

  • Never place clothes or other items over your heater. 

  • Do not move your unit whilst it is in use. 

  • If you suspect a gas leak please turn off your appliance immediately 

Carbon Monoxide safety: 

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that can go completely unnoticed but can cause serious illness and, in severe cases, death due to poisoning. Therefore it is extremely important that precautions are taken to ensure that your heater is functioning correctly within the right environment to avoid any problems. 

For further information on Carbon Monoxide and advice on what to do if you suspect a release visit