We have recently awarded Trefonen Playing Fields Association £750 to build a new storage unit to look after all of their maintenance equipment.

The association, established in 2009, have built the shed on the Trefonen Playing Fields and are now able to store equipment used to maintain and preserve the heavily used community hub. The fields are estimated to be used by around 500 adults and children in the local community for a range of sporting and non-sporting events.

The storage unit will mean protection against thieves and that the correct equipment is on site to keep the fields in perfect working order. In line with Community Chest Fund’s goals, this will make the community more united by having a readily available playing field as the equipment is able to be left on site with the correct safety measures in place.

Val Smout from the Trefonen Playing Fields Association thanked us and our Community Chest fund for its help. She said:

“The monies have enabled us to construct a storage shed for equipment that maintains the grassed areas and hedges at the playing field. The whole community use the playing field, with annual events such as Bonfire Night, Annual Fete, Trefonen Hill Walk Weekend. We also have visits from outside bodies such as Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Special Olympians visiting the area. The storage shed has ensured that the equipment is housed securely and is easily accessible to the volunteers. Many thanks for your help”

Our Neighbourhood Manager, Martin Whitelegg, added:

“We are always happy to support community projects such as this which can benefit a range of people in the area. We welcome any other groups to come forward and see if our Community Chest Fund can help them”

For more information on our Community Chest Fund or to apply for some of the monies available you can call us on 01743 210206 or visit http://www.starhousing.org.uk/home/community-page/

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