The Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) Standard mandates that all registered providers must conduct annual tenant perception surveys, as required by the Regulator of Social Housing. The primary goal of TSMs is to enhance transparency in landlord performance and empower tenants to hold their landlords accountable.

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures we reported show how we performed from April 23 to March 24. There are 12 questions that tenants answer to give their opinions on things like overall satisfaction and how safe they feel in their homes. We get these results from surveys we conduct with our customers. In addition to these questions, there are 10 performance measures that look at building safety, repairs, complaints, and anti-social behaviour. We collect this information from our systems.

The table below displays the Lower, Median, and Upper Quartile figures, providing insight into the performance of other organisations within the industry. By comparing our own performance against these benchmarks, we can gain a better understanding of how we compare.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures year-end report (2023/24)

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