In early 2019 we will be sending out our bi-annual Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR survey) to all of our customers via post or e-mail. This is your chance to give us feedback on all of our services and have your say.

We carry out a Survey of Tenants and Residents every 2 years to find out what our customers think about the services we offer. This survey is sent to all our customers in the post and via email where we have email addresses. This is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to tell us how they feel about a number of the different services they receive, such as -

  • Repairs
  • Planned Maintenance 
  • Neighbourhoods 
  • Housing Support
  • Rent
  • All other aspects of Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing

Once you receive the survey, please fill it in and return it using the free post envelope included, our housing support officers will be available at sheltered schemes to help fill in the survey. If you have any questions please call us on 0333 3212 200.


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