We're excited to announce this years Skip Events. These events are a fantastic opportunity for you to declutter your home and dispose of unwanted items responsibly. Plus, it's a great chance to meet our housing officers and discuss any concerns you may have about your property or neighbourhood.

Below are the dates for our Skip Events:

Date Time Location
09/07/2024 2pm-4pm Meadow Drive, Shifnal
10/07/2024 2pm-4pm Weston Close, Shifnal
16/07/2024 2pm-4pm Coronation Street, Highley
19/07/2024 2pm-4pm Birchmeadow, Broseley
18/07/2024 2pm-4pm Pinefields Close, Much Wenlock
18/07/2024 11.30am-1pm Wrekin Road, Bridgnorth
18/07/2024 2.30pm-4pm Beech Road/Ash Road, Bridgnorth
19/07/2024 11am-12.30pm

Clover Heath/Danford Heath, Claverley

30/07/2024 4pm-6pm Western Avenue/Castlefields, Whittington
06/08/2024 4pm-6pm West Place, Gobowen
07/08/2024 4pm-6pm Laburnum Drive, Oswestry
13/08/2024 4pm-6pm Weston Close, Morda
14/08/2024 4pm-6pm Birch Grove, Ruyton XI Towns
20/08/2024 4pm-6pm Unicorn Road, Oswestry
21/08/2024 4pm-6pm The Meads, Weston Rhyn
28/08/2024 4pm-6pm Llwyn Road, Oswestry
04/09/2024 4pm-6pm Trewern Avenue, Gobowen

Please note, this is the full list of skip events for this year. We rotate locations annually to ensure fair distribution across all areas. If your area isn't included this year and you believe it could benefit from a skip event, please speak to your housing officer. We value your feedback and aim to accommodate as many areas as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at the events! 

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