Last month, the Oswestry Tenant Working group invited Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing and Shropshire HomePoint to their monthly meeting, so they could learn more about the ways that social rented homes are allocated in Shropshire. It gave them an important insight in to the social housing sector, and the two organisations’ roles within it.

Speaking at the meeting, Jamie Burns, Shropshire HomePoint Manager, spoke of the challenges facing themselves and the social housing sector, explaining the issues that could be facing them in the near and long term future. He was able to dispel myths and misconceptions and educate the group about the sheer scale of the work that HomePoint do.

All in attendance learned a great deal in what was a highly enjoyable and informative meeting.

Margaret Smith, Chair of the Oswestry Tenant Working Group, said:

“It was great to meet Jamie, and learn about Shropshire HomePoint’s role. The group took part in the consultation when the Shropshire Allocation Policy was reviewed a couple of years ago, so it was very interesting to hear how these changes were having an impact. When we are approached by residents, asking about the way homes are allocated, I will be able to give them a much better idea of how things work, and contact details for further support.”

Emma Feely, Involvement and Empowerment Officer for Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing, said:

“The meeting was extremely helpful in highlighting the challenges facing Shropshire HomePoint, social landlords and those looking to rent one of their properties. Everyone who attended learned a great deal and I’d like to thank Jamie on behalf of us all.”

Jamie Burns, Shropshire HomePoint Manager said:

“This meeting was a great show of the partnership we enjoy with STAR Housing. Tenants and the STAR Housing officers present were keen to get a greater insight, into challenges that could face them, and into the social housing allocation system.

They, as well as us, are looking for ways to improve the support they offer tenants and working together like this both now, and in the future, is fundamental to achieving that.”  

If you are interested in social housing or would like to learn more about the allocation system, visit or call 0300 303 8595.

Further Information:

The Oswestry Tenants Working Group are next meeting Thursday 2 April at Llwynfields, Llwyn Road, Oswestry, at 6pm. The guest speaker will be a representative from the local policing team, who will be talking about personal safety, and answering related questions from those who attend the meeting. All are welcome.

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