Shropshire Towns and Rural Housings (STAR Housing) held their annual general meeting (AGM) at the Wroxetor Hotel near Shrewsbury on the 12th October, which was attended by members of the STAR Housing Board, Staff, Shropshire Council, Stakeholders and Residents. The AGM provided an opportunity to reflect on the past 10 years of the organisation, celebrate their achievements in improving the quality of housing in Shropshire and to look to the future on what is yet to be achieved.

Throughout the AGM, the attendees had the opportunity to reflect on the successes and milestones achieved by STAR Housing in the past decade. The event was in great attendance with stakeholders, and residents engaging in a productive networking session, an opportunity to share ideas, discuss challenges currently faced and how things can be done better.

"We are proud to have provided affordable and sustainable housing to the rural communities in Shropshire over the past decade," said Tony Deakin, the Chair of STAR Housing. "The AGM was an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on our achievements, share our successes, and plan for the future."

During the event, the attendees were joined by two inspirational guest speakers – Liz Jermy from the Oswestry and Borders Food Bank and Ben Wilson and Rebecca Willmott from OsNosh Community Kitchen. The food bank and community kitchen provide vital support to the local community, and their efforts were recognised as crucial to STAR Housing’s commitment of supporting the lives of those they serve.

Shropshire Towns and Rural Housings look forward to the next ten years, to improve the lives of those living in rural areas and provide them with access to affordable and sustainable housing.

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