We now have the figures regarding the number of scheduled appointments our operatives have been unable to complete due to customers not being at home. In June alone 64 appointments have been unnecessarily wasted, this means that other customers who are waiting for their repairs to be completed could have had theirs done on anyone of those 64 occasions.

Our team leader for repairs Tracey has outlined the ways in which customers who cannot keep an appointment can let them know "We completely understand that there are genuine reasons why customers cannot keep appointments, all we ask is that the customers let us know ahead of time so that we can give the appointment to another customer who needs it. They can reach us on option one of the STAR telephone number which is 0333 3212 200"

We do have a text message reminder system in place whereby once a customer has booked an appointment for our operative to come and fix the problem, they will receive a text message confirming the details and then a further text the day before the repair is due reminding them. This we hope will mean that customers won't forget either their appointment or to let us know they cannot keep their appointment as the case may be. 

As you can see the table illustrates the number of missed appointments we have had, some of which are worse and some are better. We simply want to ask our customers to think of others and to let us know if you cannot keep your appointment. Thank you in advance from the whole STAR team.   

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A N Other chart