We will be carrying out tests for Radon over a 3 month period at 46 properties in Weston Rhyn. The properties have been identified by Public Health England of having a maximum risk potential of 10- 30% and by carry out a simple test over the 3 month period we can identify if any action is required.

What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas, we can't see, smell or taste it: you need special equipment to detect it. It comes from the rocks and soil found everywhere in the UK. The radon level in the air we breathe outside is very low but can be higher inside buildings.

How do we measure Radon?

A radonĀ measurementĀ is easy to complete. We deliver to you two detectors to place in your home: one in the living area and one in an occupied bedroom. After three months we collect the detectors and send them to Public Health England and they analyse the detectors and advise us of the results which we will then send to you.

If this affects you we will be sending you a letter to arrange an appointment.

To read more about Radon please follow this link.