On Thursday 14 May, 2015, we invited partners to Hignett Place, Oswestry, to celebrate the opening of our largest new build development site.

Representatives from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), Transhouse, Your Move, Shropshire Council and Councillor Vince Hunt attended.

Hignett Place has replaced the demolished Swan Lane estate as part of our ongoing commitment to improve communities for the people who live in them, and may wish to.

Replacing dated council flats are 19 high quality new build homes and a fresh community that ourselves, partners, and most importantly tenants, can be proud of, in what is a complete transformation of the estate.

 Sue Adams, Managing Director for Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing, said:

“Hignett Place is the largest development site in our new build programme and we’re all excited that it’s completed. A lot of hard work and time has gone into transforming this area into a high quality estate with homes and a community our tenants will be proud of. It looks fantastic.”

Vince Hunt, Shropshire Councillor for Oswestry West, said:

“It’s great to see quality new homes being built that are affordable. They go some way to addressing the need for housing in Oswestry and I’m delighted with the changes.

Just as important however, is the need to revitalise local communities. Replacing the old flats of Swan Lane, which really lacked a community feel, with the Hignett Place estate has done wonders for the area and I could sense the positive change in the area. I’m confident that this new and vibrant community will thrive.”

Hignett Place is our largest new build development site and consists of 19 properties available for rent and shared ownership including fifteen 3-bed homes, three 2-bed and one specially adapted Transhouse bungalow. 

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