During this time where our customers encounter a period of self-isolation, either for themselves or with family, and where some customers may be encountering a period of stay at home working, we may be more susceptible to contact from Scammers.

We want our customers to feel safe in their home, and we hope that our customers remain vigilant if they receive contact via, phone, e-mail, post or even contact on their door step.

“Think something is a scam, usually it is.”


  • If you're not 100% convinced of the identity of a caller, hang up and contact the company directly, especially if a call comes out of the blue.
  • If you are not expecting someone, be vigilant when you answer your door, especially if you are living alone.
  • Do not open any links, or downloads received from bizarre looking e-mail addresses.
  • Avoid junk mail for possible postal scams – opt out of receiving marketing correspondence, take your name off direct mailing lists in the UK – contact Mailing Preference Service about this.
  • Set up passwords with your utility companies/Ask them to give you details that only the company will know.

From Shropshire Council - 20th March 2020 

If you receive a call from someone regarding “VOA and Council Tax”, saying you are due a refund but will need to pay an “Admin Fee” of £150.00 this isn’t genuine. Please do not make payment or provide bank details.

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phone 2127 640 1