On the 1st July 2015 Shropshire Homepoint launched its new Mutual Exchange Register

This service is free to use.

To register please follow this link to the Homepoint website or contact them on 0300 303 8595 to request an application form.

Follow this link to a guide of how to use the new register.

Further information;
What is a Mutual Exchange?

A mutual exchange is where two tenants of a Housing Association or Council agree to swap properties. They do not need to be like-for-like properties, but must be suitable for your needs. Tenants may choose to do a mutual exchange for a number of reasons, perhaps the property is too big / small, for health reasons, to be near family / friends or to move nearer to work.

Who is Eligible For an Exchange?

Most people with a social housing tenancy in their name are eligible. However if you have rent arrears or have not been in your home for longer than 12 months you will need to check with your landlord if you are eligible to swap.

Please note you need to confirm with your local Housing Officer if you are able to exchange your home.

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