During March and April 2017 we updated 27 bathrooms & 9 kitchens in the Oswestry area. We have just started a replacement programme in the Bridgnorth area which includes over 150 planned replacements.  

We are currently compiling a list of properties from recent property condition surveys which require replacement kitchens or bathrooms, within our 2017/2018 replacement budget in the Oswestry area. If you are included in this replacement programme you will be contacted by us direct.

How do we decide which property requires a kitchen or bathroom replacement?

We carry out property condition surveys to determine the age and condition of key elements in your home such as the kitchen and bathroom and whether they meet the Governments Decent Homes Standard.

During this visit the inspector will determine what year the kitchen and bathroom will fail the Decent Home Standard and when we need to look to replace it.

For a kitchen to fail the Decent Home Standard it needs to be in poor condition and be over 30 years old and for a bathroom it needs to be in poor condition and be over 40 years old.

Can I request a kitchen or bathroom upgrade?

We carry out property condition surveys on a rolling programme, so you will have to wait for your property to be surveyed. Once the survey is completed we will be able to advise what year it is likely that either your kitchen or bathroom will be replaced.

If you would like to find out the results of your property condition survey please get in touch with the planned maintenance team via email.  

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