Here are some helpful hints and tips to help you to keep warm and well this winter.

Severe cold weather can be dangerous and keeping yourself warm throughout the winter months is essential to staying healthy, especially for the very young, older people or those with a chronic condition such as heart disease and asthma.

 Keeping you warm and well
  • Keep warm by setting your heating to the right temperature (18-21°C).
  • Make sure you’re up to date with your flu jab, to protect yourself and others from influenza. To find out if you’re eligible visit
  • Look after yourself, and check on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be vulnerable to the cold. Make sure they are safe, warm and well.
  • Stay tuned to the weather forecast at and plan ahead with supplies. So you know in advance when you need to take extra care on icy pavements or take action to keep warm.
  • Have regular hot meals and drinks throughout the day and keep active to help your body stay warm. Eating regularly helps keep energy levels up during winter.
  • Wrap up warm if you need to go outside on cold days, but wear layers and wear shoes with a good grip if you need to go outside
  • Get financial support to make your home more energy efficient, improve your heating or help with bills.
  • Have your heating and cooking appliances checked regularly.

There is a wide range of information and advice available at Shropshire Councils - Get ready for Winter webpage to help people prepare themselves for cold weather and help those struggling to afford heating bills.


Keeping your home - warm and weathertight
  • Leave your boiler on the frost protection setting if you are not using your heating.
  • If you have an outside toilet and we are forcast a deep freeze, put a tea spoon of salt in the toilet pan to prevent the water freezing and cracking the pan.
  • Insulate pipework to your outside tap. (please note outside taps are tenants own responsibility).
  • Make sure curtains are drawn properly and doors are closed to block out draughts.
  • If you go away during the christmas break, think about leaving a spare key with a neighbour or family member in case access is needed in the event of a burst pipe etc.
  • If you have gas heating, make sure you have enough credit on your gas meter card.
  • If you have oil heating, make sure you have enough oil in your oil tank to take you through the Christmas period.

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