After a long and arduous process, we have been granted an injunction against a tenant and an attached power of arrest to go with it.  

A Telford Court ruled our favour on Thursday 27th August 2015 after circumstances within the property had reached dangerous levels. Staff from ST&R Housing recalled the disgusting condition of the property and that the tenant had allowed it to become so unruly that staff were unable to inspect or service heating and electrics.

Action needed to be taken when it was discovered that the tenant had also tampered with the gas boiler and electrics within the property which had the potential of causing danger to nearby neighbours and other STAR housing tenants.

Martin Whitelegg, Senior Neighbourhood Officer for Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing, had this to say: “ we take a firm stance against this kind of behaviour. By not allowing us into the premises and tampering with essential equipment, the tenant in question not only put himself at risk, but others in the area too.”

The injunction has now been served to the tenant, who can’t be named for legal reasons, and we are receiving assistance by the Police.

Mr Whitelegg went on to add: “The injunction proves that we will not tolerate tenants who breach their tenancies and we will take action if the behaviour persist and if it in anyway compromises the safety of other tenants in the vicinity. We have an obligation to ensure tenants are safe and able to live peacefully in their community and anyone who compromises this will be at risk of being taken to court.”

Further action to seek possession of the property has also been commenced. 

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