This year’s Housing Day (Wednesday 7 October 2020) is all about celebrating the positive impact good quality and affordable housing makes to the lives of people and communities.

Providing the right homes in the right place is something that Shropshire Towns and Rural (STAR) Housing keeps at the heart of everything it does, putting particular emphasis on involving communities in the shaping of these.

A proposed new development of 24 affordable high-tech homes in Whittington aims to do just this.

star housing

Site layout

Soon to be consulted upon as part of the planning process, the proposed community-led development on Penybryn Avenue includes 10 bungalows and 14 houses – all of which have been carefully designed to ensure that they are energy efficient and include modern facilities.

Martin Whitelegg, Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing’s neighbourhoods manager, said:

“This is an extremely exciting development for us and one which we’ve worked extensively with Shropshire Council's Affordable Housing Team, Whittington Parish Council and local residents to get right.

“This group has been involved in everything from helping to design what the homes will look like down to what type of heating they’ll have. If approved, this group will also help with selecting who will build them. It’s something that we do with all of our proposed developments and it works really well.

“Recent times have shown us that our homes and communities are increasingly important to us and this only strengthens our determination to build homes that people need, want and can afford.”

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