Three years ago Hazel and her husband Frederick decided they needed to downsize from their three bedroom property to a bungalow and now after waiting for their perfect home in Broseley Hazel said ‘As soon as I walked through the door it felt like home’

Hazel and Frederick have lived in Broseley for 50 years and 40 of them were spent happily in their three bedroom home in King Street but when Hazel and Frederick began to have health problems they decided it was time to downsize to a more suitable property for their age. They wanted to stay in Broseley and as such had to wait three years for a suitable bungalow to become available for them, however, on July 18th 2019 they were shown around the recently empty bungalow and Hazel’s response was absolute and emotional “As soon as they opened that door and I stepped in it felt like home and I could have cried”

Hazel struggled with the stairs in their three bedroom house and with the large hard to maintain garden, when asked whether they missed their old home considering the 40 years they spent there, they both said ‘not at all’ with Frederick adding ‘to be honest we are glad to see the back of it because it was too much’ but they did say that they would obviously miss their neighbours because of the duration of time they had lived there. When they were asked about how STAR Housing and their lettings team have been through the process Hazel said ‘they have been lovely, Richard has been great, and so has Lauren and all of the girls in the office’

We asked Hazel and Frederick what they would say to anyone thinking of downsizing, their answer was again simple and this time in unison with each other they said ‘do it!’ Hazel went on to say ‘we would definitely recommend it, it’s been brilliant for us and when you get older you don’t need the bigger rooms, the stairs or paying to heat every room. We think that by downsizing we can let a family who need it have it as their home’

STAR Housing provide a downsizing incentive for those who choose to make the move to a smaller property which you can read more about here Hazel and Frederick utilised the incentive for the moving furniture etc between properties which Hazel said meant ‘they didn’t have to do anything’

Our thanks go to Hazel and Frederick for allowing us into their home to speak to them about their experience with STAR Housing and downsizing with us. Please follow the previously mentioned link for more information.

If you would like to speak with us about downsizing then please call us on 0333 3212 200 and follow instructions for the lettings team and you can receive a visit to discuss your options from the team. 

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