Castlefields in Oswestry, is set to benefit from a major investment as we step up our efforts to improve the area.

We ran a consultation with tenants of the Castlefields estate to understand what they felt was needed to improve the area.

Lauren Woods, Involvement and Empowerment Officer for STAR Housing, said:

“The Castlefields area has long needed to be improved so this investment and regeneration is a wonderful opportunity.”

“Our tenants are central to the decisions we take, so we always look to involve them in community improvement. I’d like to thank everyone who shared their ideas for the work with us.”

Following the consultation feedback, the improvement works will see new parking bays, green space and landscaped areas as well as a new play area for young children.

Oswestry firm Evans Construction were the successful bidder in tendering for the project and will work with STAR Housing to deliver the renovation. Lauren Woods said “we are delighted to have contracted a local company to deliver the renovation.”

Joanne Cosgrove, Oswestry Area Senior Neighbourhoods Officer for STAR continued:

“We’re always looking to improve our communities and Castlefields is no exception. This is great news for the area and the tenants living there and the £185,000 will bring about huge improvements.”

The project will be joint funded by STAR Housing and Shropshire Council. Once the regeneration is completed, the area will become more desirable for potential tenants delivering an ongoing rental income for generations to come. 

For more information on the renovation, please email or call 01743 210206.

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