We have recently awarded residents from Coronation and Orchard Street £750 to transform an overgrown disused alley way into a fantastic community space called ‘Butterfly Alley’ through the Community Chest Fund.

The Highley residents living on Coronation and Orchard Street had concerns about a lack of safe playing space for their children. The streets are surrounded by roads on all sides and the alley ways in between were messy and unsafe for children to play in. The residents were keen to utilise the space and with their great community spirit, they got to work. They cleared all of the rubbish, fly tipping, overgrown weeds and swept the ally way.

The money awarded helped purchase plants, benches, children’s games and solar powered lights to make the area enjoyable and a viable place for children to play and for all members of the community to enjoy. The project has united the community with a common goal and a space that will benefit everybody who lives on the two streets. In line with the aims of the Community Chest Fund it has made the community cleaner by reducing litter and the amount of fly tipping, it is also safer as all children have a place to play without going near the busy roads.

Local resident Mr Gareth Edwards has spoken of the positive effect on the local community ‘This work has improved the area allowing for much more social interaction with neighbours. The children are now safe and entertained and it has made the area safer, cleaner and happier increasing overall community spirit’ 

Our Neighbourhood Manager Martin Whitelegg added “We are very proud of the residents on Coronation and Orchard Street taking the practical approach and producing a fantastic area for adults and children to enjoy. We will always support groups who want to make these positive changes and create vibrant communities”

The Community Chest Fund is a pot of money we set aside to award to any project that will make our communities greener, cleaner, safer or more united. For any group or project that wants to know more they can call us on 0333 3212 200 or visit us on our new and improved website www.starhousing.org.uk

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butterfly alley