Brian Morris from Oak Gardens in Bridgnorth has scooped second place in the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) Photography Competition 2018 for his outstanding contribution to community life.

The annual competition aims to celebrate community champions, and Brian was one of just 10 to be shortlisted for the prestigious award.

Brian has been an active tenant of ours for many years now, and in the past six years he has taken on a significant role within his neighbourhood.

As a keen DIYer he took on a mission to improve the look of his community, paying particular attention to the garage sites.

He began by painting the garage doors so that they looked brighter and more attractive on the street. He then moved onto adding flower boxes above each garage. He also started adding more flower beds and baskets to the street so everyone can see them when they look out of their windows.

He wanted to create a lovely and striking place for not only himself and his family, but for his neighbours as well. With his positive actions he has achieved this and more – creating a street which helped the county to win gold in last year's Heart of England in Bloom awards.'

People often comment on the difference Brian has made in their neighbourhood and they are proud of the street thanks to him.

Brian said:

“It was a lovely surprise. I didn’t expect it. I just got a certificate through the post with a nice letter and my picture. I couldn’t do it without help from friends and family so my thanks goes to them too.”

Julia Costello, Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing’s local Housing Officer, said:

“It’s really great that Brian has been recognised in this way - he deserves it.

“He is a passionate and enthusiastic gardener who has made such a positive impact on his community, and year after year he ensures that the street looks better than ever.

“He is always happy to give out gardening tips if asked and encourages people to visit his beautiful garden and street with such pride.”

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