We have created a video to help you identify the difference between condensation and damp in your home.

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cool surface in poorly ventilated areas. It causes mould mainly in the corners of rooms or by windows.

Damp is usually caused by a fault in the structure of the building that allows moisture from the outside to get into the walls. Damp is identified by clear lines like tide marks on the wall.

Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing’s Strategic Repairs Manager, said:

“Being able to tell the difference between the two is really important as there are a lot of simple and effective things you can do to stop damage from condensation.

“Managing condensation within your home is your responsibility. Letting it get out of control can result in your home being an unpleasant place to be. Mould can also contribute to respiratory infections, allergies and asthma, particularly in older people and children.

“However, if your home is damp you’ll need to call us so that we can fix it.” 

You can watch the video here.

To report a damp problem, please call us on 0333 3212 200, email repairs@starhousing.org.uk or click here.