Kerry is a tenant of ours and lives in the Bridgnorth area, this is how the Bedroom Tax has affected her

"When Bedroom Tax was introduced in April 2013 it meant that I had to pay an extra £32 a week to cover the shortfall between the housing benefit that I received and the total cost of my rent. This is because I had 2 spare bedrooms, since my children moved out.

As paying my rent is a priority out of all household expenses and I had to pay the extra, all other expenses went by the way side whilst I concentrated on this and it really started to get me down.

My housing officer contacted me and we spoke about this change and the impact it was having on me. She suggested that I look at downsizing (moving into a smaller property) with one bedroom. This would mean that I wouldn’t have to pay a shortfall.

I was offered a home, which I was a little apprehensive about at first, but I told myself that the house I was living in was meant for a larger family, not just for me to rattle around in! I have since moved to my new home and I am very happy. I have even had friends and relatives to stay over and they sleep on my sofa bed-so tenants should not let this put them off downsizing!

My message to anyone who is being affected by the Bedroom Tax, is to contact their local housing team and talk things through. All I can say is that with the same help that I have received, then they will be fine."

Here are the contact details:

Oswestry Tenants: 01691 677369
Bridgnorth tenants: 01746 713212

You can also contact our tenancy support team. Follow this link for more information: Sustain Tenancy Support

Follow this link for more information about Welfare Reform