Trevor's one of our involved tenants and a senior customer here at Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing, he and his wife lived in one of our large bungalows for quite some time. Unfortunately Trevor’s wife sadly passed away leaving Trevor with a large property to look after on his own, which by his own admittance was ‘far too big for him’ and at his age he simply couldn't cope.

Trevor felt that the bungalow was a ‘family home’ given the four bedrooms so he asked us if we could arrange for him to have a two bedroom bungalow. Using our downsizing process we managed to get Trevor into a two bedroom bungalow which he is says is ‘absolutely beautiful’ He also wanted to compliment the process “Downsizing to my two bedroom bungalow was very easy, a big thank you to Stephanie who organised everything she was absolutely brilliant and a great help”

For more information on downsizing properties follow this link

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