We have recently ran our customer census, asking all of our customers about all of our services and we have been very strongly endorsed.

The census which is referred to as the ‘STAR Survey’ came back with unprecedented results showing vast increases in satisfaction in all service areas. The property repairs and maintenance service we provide was given a big thumbs up by 84% of customers which is a 6% rise since they were last surveyed. 90% of customers also said that our staff were friendly and approachable which is a huge number and a great reflection on the staff working hard to give our customers a good experience.

The ‘vote of confidence’ is reflected in the 86% of customers that agreed with the statement ‘I trust STAR’ which shows the fantastic and growing relationship between ourselves and customers. That figure has risen 10% since the last survey and is a figure we are very proud of. We last surveyed our customers in 2017 and in the time since, nearly every area has improved and most by over 3%.

BMG Research who carry out our survey checked our results against 28 similar organisations on the service areas provided and we were ranked in the upper quartile of results in 11 out of 14 services with none in the lower quartile. This reaffirms the quality of our services and how highly we perform in comparison to other housing organisations.

These results came shortly prior to the decision for us to continue to manage homes in North Shropshire (Oswestry) and South Shropshire (Bridgnorth) 

Sue Adams our Managing Director had this to say “This vote of confidence from our customers gives us a strong platform to continue to improve all that we offer to them in the future. We look forward to continuing to work with Shropshire Council and our tenants whilst maintaining and improving the satisfaction we have seen from this survey.”


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