As part of our Community Chest Fund, we are inviting applicants for grants of up to £500 to support community projects.

Each financial year, we set aside a budget to support community based projects in the areas in which they have homes.

Applicants can be from a community group or an individual who lives within the Shropshire Council boundary.

To be successful in their application, groups / individuals must be able to demonstrate the positive impact their project or group will have on their community. 

Bridgnorth Endowed E Readers

The Community Chest Fund supported Bridgnorth Endowed School in purchasing E Readers


Made up entirely of tenants, the Bridgnorth and Oswestry Area Panels allocate the funding, which has already supported over 60 community projects.

Ann Maltby, Chair of the Bridgnorth Area Panel (above, centre in back row) said:

“As tenants, it’s great to be involved in awarding Community Chest funding and to see first-hand how people care about their communities and want to make a difference in a positive way.”

Chris Shepherd, Neighbourhoods Manager for Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing, said:

“We’re always looking to help community groups and projects. What makes our Community Chest Fund so unique, is that it’s our tenants who decide how and where the grants are awarded.

“The fund has already supported over 60 exciting projects in the Bridgnorth and Oswestry areas that have had positive impacts on their communities.

“If you are part of a community group, project or an individual looking to make a difference, I encourage you to apply.” 

For more information on the Community Chest Fund, click here or you can download the application form.