New Customers

Our Customer Handbook explains what you can expect from us, when you move into one the homes we manage. You will be issued a hard copy during your sign up.

Our Lettable Standard sets out the standard to which we will let your new home in.  

Here are some key tips to help you settle into your new home.


You will be issued with 3 keys.
Should you need any additional keys or in the event that you lose your keys, you will be charged in advance for these.
These can only be purchased from Secure Keys (refer to your contact card) you will need to quote the unique code on the key.
If you have carers visiting the property we can arrange for a key safe to be fitted on the front of the property.


Internal decoration is your responsibility, including small cracks in plaster work. Refer to section 5 Repairs – your responsibilities. You may be issued a paint pack to help assist you with
decorating your new home. 

Utility supplies - Gas, Oil, Electric, Water

When you move into your home your gas and electric supplier will have been set to one provider, you are free to change providers at any point.


When you move into your home, the gas supply will be capped off, this is for your safety. To get your gas supply uncapped you need to:

• Set-up your gas account with your chosen supplier.
• Contact our repairs team who will arrange for our Gas Safe contractor to visit the property and uncap your supply.

Please allow up to 2 working days for your gas to be uncapped.


When you move into your home, you will need to:
• Set-up an account with your chosen supplier.
Please be aware that you will pay substantially more for your gas and electric using a pre-payment meter. Our
financial Support team can help with budgeting advice.


You will need to arrange for your oil tank to be filled by
a supplier. Ask our Financial Support team about the Fuel Buying Scheme.

Solid Fuel

If your property has an open fire, we will arrange for a safety check and sweep once a year. It is your responsibility to get the chimney swept in between.

We arrange for our heating appliances to be serviced every 10 months. You must allow our contractors
access to carry out this essential safety check.


It is your responsibility to contact Severn Trent Water to set-up your water account.
You could consider having a water meter fitted.

Other household services

If you are just moving into the property here is a list of companies you may need to notify of your change of

  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax
  • Banks & Building society
  • Schools, College or your employer
  • Doctor & Dentist
  • TV Licencing
  • DVLA
  • Contents insurance
  • It is a condition of your tenancy that you take out contents insurance to protect your home from fire, flood or theft.
  • We work alongside an organisation who can offer affordable homecontents insurance, please ask for details.

Making changes to your home

We encourage you to make your home your own, but please be aware that if you wish to make changes, you must get written permission from us. To find out more please follow the link below.