If the current property you live in is not suitable for your needs in terms of locations, size or style you may have the right to a mutual exchange.

This would mean you can swap your home with someone else who has the right to mutually exchange from a local authority or registered social housing provider.

Can anyone mutual exchange? 

No, not everyone has the right to mutually exchange their home for example if you are on a introductory tenancy you cannot mutually exchange.

Please check with your Housing Officer if you have the right to mutual exchange. 

Do I have to ask permission to mutual exchange my home?

Yes you need to complete our online form (see link below), we will then assess your eligibility and let you know in writing.

We can then give you some advice on how and where to advertise your home. We even have a Facebook group set up for this.

How do I advertise my home for Mutual Exchange?

Once you have permssion, you can advertise your home on the following two sites;

1) Facebook  - Search for the group on Facebook ‘Mutual Exchange Shropshire and ask to join.

2) Shropshire HomePoint - You can also advertise your home for mutual exchange on Shropshire HomePoint.